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Get the insights and foresight that only decades of digital experience can provide. Xinnia works with clients of every stage and size, across industries, who want to Do Digital Better.
  • Strategic consulting
  • Internal audits
  • Executive coaching
  • Team training

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re a startup that needs to start off right, or kicking off your next digital phase, invest wisely and avoid ugly surprises. Xinnia helps you:

  • Select the right vendors and systems
  • Make budget and staffing decisions
  • Build efficient, realistic project timelines
  • Align your digital roadmap with your business goals


For an actionable assessment of where you are vs. where you need to go, leverage an outside perspective. We can:

  • Audit your current digital systems against your business goals
  • Validate the accuracy of measurement and optimization practices
  • Identify organizational, process and system inefficiencies
  • Review your current operations vs. current best practices


Whether it’s new funding, new direction, or new demand, don’t just grow – grow smart:

  • Get the right metrics, alerts and and tracking in place, so you’re ready for those unexpected bursts
  • Formulate a nimble, efficient roadmap strategy to prepare you for unexpected pivots
  • Identify which of your current systems can scale… and which ones need rebuilding
  • Introduce the optimal mix of improved practices as you level up
A digital marketing genius who really understands how to fix big website problems.
Kim Abrams, Cofounder and VP Marketing, Ripcord

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