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Xinnia was founded in 2015, with a simple mission: Websites don’t have to be so difficult. Xinnia leverages decades of expertise in website optimization, measurement, and management, to provide clients at every stage, of every size, with the acumen and know-how to tackle tough online challenges.

Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner

President and Founder

With over two decades of professional experience in web management and digital strategy, Lisa is intimately familiar with the challenges of effectively implementing websites and marketing technology. Prior to founding Xinnia, she built and managed websites at Puppet and Intel. Lisa’s leadership in the building, rebuilding, and evolution of commercial sites has improved the online experience of hundreds of millions of website visitors worldwide.

Our Clients Include

Client Joy
The Radical Brand Lab
Healthy Directions
Res Nova Law
Everest Healthcare Properties
Radius ECD
Fresh Perspective


Lisa was my client before our agency became a consulting client of her’s. While on the client-side, she had fantastic agency management skills. Now as a consultant to our agency, she has seamlessly become a part of our extended team. Her rare ability to deeply understand both the internal client perspective, as well as the agency value and practices makes her a unicorn.

Steven Wong

Cofounder and CMO, Ready State

Watch out peddlers of mediocre content and experience. Lisa has her eye on you. This sharp-witted digital maven is an exacting arbiter of standards and quality. She’s able to synthesize a larger knowledge of “the business”, the trending UX zeitgeist, and her personal knowledge of technology implementation into split second qualitative decisions. You want to have her on your team.

Adam Trimble

Presentation Layer Architect, Razorfish

Lisa is great. She’s smart and focused, attentive and inquisitive. Her skills and experience and passion were just what Puppet needed. Lisa inspires those around her to do better. I’d love to work with her again.

Randall Hansen

VP of User Experience, Puppet

I’ve worked closely with Lisa Wagner and she has presented herself both as a web strategist and architect of the highest caliber, and as an innovator who finds creative, highly effective solutions to complex challenges. She excels at creating a professional website look-and-feel, designing an intuitive user interface, and organizing large amounts of information into easy-to-use navigation. I highly recommend her for any team, from large tech to sole proprietorships.

Jessica Acevedo

Principal, 57A Graphic Design

Lisa is sharp, and the consummate team player. She has the ability to focus in on the less-obvious trends and issues, and to comprehend complicated information and observe details that other may miss. She makes the website user experience a vehicle through which to tell a rich and engaging story. Her expertise provides tremendous value to clients and internal staff from not only a business perspective, but also as a coach who grows and develops digital talent. Her work is top notch, specifically because of this ability to look at things holistically and with a great strategic mind.

Jason Ten-Pow

President of Research Operations, OnResearch

I’ve worked at some of the biggest brands and digital agencies in the world, and have met few people with standards as high as Lisa’s. Designers who work with her know that she will miss nothing, and this inspires their best product. Because Lisa truly understands how the customer experience will impact the business, she excels at getting a strong return on a creative investment.

Sharon Dawson

Program Manager, HP

I had the pleasure of working closely with Lisa on the major restructuring and re-platforming of Intel.com. Her role in the platform implementation was key to the success of this multi-year project, and her UX design work was pivotal in the transformation of the digital strategy of Intel. Lisa was a pro at keeping the creative agencies, system integrators and business stakeholders aligned to the program objectives. I wish I knew a term above “power user” or“super user”.

Our Adobe content management and digital asset management systems had never been implemented on a major enterprise site before, and Lisa not only was the first adopter but was crucial to bringing the rest of the team online. Her expertise and her collaborative approach to website management made her a trusted advisor to Intel’s 300 + web author community.

Martha Ford

Customer Experience Manager, Intel

Lisa is that rare combination of a strategist who understands the implications and challenges of execution, and most importantly the requirement for a return on strategic recommendations and investments. Most recently, she performed a digital marketing audit across people, process, and technology for a large direct to consumer Maven client. Lisa proved her value early and was able to add a fair amount of executive coaching, while successfully completing the objectives of the audit. Our client was thrilled with her ability to hit the ground running, her insights and actionable recommendations and her ability to suss out some of the root causes to some long-standing issues within their operations. I recommend her services to any organization looking for a trusted resource to identify opportunities within their digital operations and potential capital investments.

Maggie Carter

Founder/CEO, Maven Solutions Group

Even before I got to work with her myself I was so impressed with the work Lisa did for Intel. She is a digital marketing genius who really understands how to fix big website problems, and how to future-proof to prevent them. I’m thrilled to get to work with her again. She’s got the experience to tackle whatever problem I ask her to take on. Any startup or enterprise would be lucky to have her help. Lisa is simply world-class.

Kim Abrams

Cofounder and VP Marketing, Ripcord

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